Managed WordPress

$39.00 / month

We’ve partnered with developers and branding/marketing agencies to make it easy to get Managed WordPress Hosting and support for your website, eliminating the hassle of purchasing and configuring your hosting environment alone.

What's Included?


Enterprise-Grade Cloud

SSL Certificate

Web Application Firewall

No Hard Resource Limits

Development Environment



Uptime Monitoring

Automatic Updates

Malware Scanning

License + API Management


Core Support

Theme Support

Plugin Support

Friendly and Reliable

Agency Integrated

API Keys

Google Maps

Google Recaptcha

Postmark SMTP

OpenAI (optional)

Unsplash (optional)


License Keys

All sites we support will be provided with a valid license key for Bricks Builder and Motion Page.

Provide the URL for the WordPress website we are/will be hosting. If the website is in development, your agency or developer will provide the next steps.


Improve your content management experience with access to ChatGPT and stock photography libraries right from the backend of your WordPress website.


Backups are standard with all plans. You can upgrade to daily or real-time backups which are ideal for websites being updated daily and/or e-commerce sites.

Additional Storage

Managed S3 compatible object storage for static files with SFTP access.

Total: $39.00